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Darren Kirby


I'll Show You How To Get Your Leanest FASTER Without Having To Try Another "Program, Fad Diet, Or Buy Another Useless Supplement Ever Again.

On This Strategy Call We'll Cover:

  • How To Integrate Tracking Into Your Daily Routine In Less Than 5 Minutes A Day: So you always know EXACTLY where you're at, what to do and when to do it to get into the best shape of your life!
  • How To Focus On The 20% Of The Work That Produces 80% of the Results: So your fitness goals don't take up a ton of your time and you will never need to kill yourself for results again.
  • How To Use The TT40 Method : So you get Lean While Eating Whatever Foods You Want.
  • ​​How To Exercise in Less than 20 mins a day: So You Never Need to Spend Hours in a Gym Killing Yourself or Spend a Second of Your Time on a Cardio Machine Ever Again.

And… On This Program only, You’ll Get Bonuses Included Worth Over £2000!

Be COACHED by Darren Kirby using 
The 'TT40' Method AND LOSE UP TO 20KG!!!

Have you been following the latest Diets & Not Had Results?

Connaire from Essex

 Working with a client like Connaire reminds me why I love this job so much. Since starting the program Connaire has had a clear vision of where he wants to be and what he wants to achieve. Week on week he has taken everything on board with great enthusiasm. He works extremely hard and is consistent, diligent and determined to succeed. If there has been something he didn’t understand or wasn’t sure of he has always been honest and open about it and has asked questions to ensure he fully understand the process and what he needs to do. Connaire tells me every week that I’ve changed his life, this is what drives me to want to help more people.⠀
“Since starting with Darren lots of things have changed! With the help of the TT40 Method program I have built up a great relationship with Darren and I have been very impressed with his professional approach and wealth of knowledge. The biggest thing I wanted from a coach was flexibility and Darren has been there 24/7 answering any questions I have. Trust is a big thing for me, at the start I questioned some things, in only 4 weeks I'm in the best shape ever whilst I am eating double what I was at the start. Darren has totally changed my outlook not only on nutrition but has allowed me to find my love for training again whilst still enjoying everyday life. Not only professional in his approach but a genuine honest guy who would not let you down!”

Are You a Busy Dad & Dont Have Time?

Michael from North East

"I started my journey with the goal of getting in the best shape of my life, I had lost weight in the past but put the majority of it back on again"

I was still training but my diet was out of the window. Working with Darren on the TT40 Method taught me how to understand macros and track them. After a considerable effort and during lockdown i've managed to reduce my weight by 40lbs (18kg). Its given me so much motivation

'I would thoroughly recommend working with Darren'

Do You Struggle with know which foods to eat?

James S from Morcombe

James has a very busy desk based job and struggles to fit in exercise and know what are the right foods to eat, just by adjusting his diet we shaved 2.9kg off his weight in a week
“I am very happy to have joined the TT40 Program. I've been overweight for a while and wanted to lose the pounds and have more energy. The main benefit of the program so far has been the metabolism element, not just cutting out the chocolate and biscuits but getting the right balance in my diet. It's been great to get some really simple and effective workouts I can do inbetween looking after the kids. I am looking forward to continuing with the program .This is still one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

Are You A Father Who Struggles to Stay Consistent?

John from Yorkshire

John is a 63 year old Dad who has grown up children and wanted to lose 10kg to help with his cycling 
“The biggest challenge I faced was losing weight and staying consistent. With the TT40 Method program it was very easy due to the short workouts without the need for any equipment. Darren provides all the nutrition and a complete workout system.”

"I am on track to reach 10kg weigh loss in just 8 weeks, if your skeptical I recommend giving the TT40 Method ago"

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Frequently Asked Questions


Ideally yes but as we have seen with the corona virus out break we can get you World Class Results from home!".

You will see progress with in the first few weeks, this is a stabilisation phase so for some people this is slower or faster than others, after 2 weeks it then really accelerates as we learn your body.

A lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life. You will receive video lessons of 3-5 minutes where I explain step by step what I do with you to get results..

The Elite Coaching program utilised my unique metabolic priming nutritional approach using a form of carb cycling, this means you get to enjoy the food you love whilst getting world class results!

In addition to the one to one personal check ins every week where we review your progress we have two video calls a week. The video calls provide personal nutritional advice and tips for you to achieve more results. The call elements are in groups, but Charlie will personally answer the questions you ask for you in the Q&A.

Yes, this is why this program is so successful. You have weekly feedback that looks at your progress. Are you going to stick around? Then we will look for a solution together with you.

Yes, there is a clear plan on the elite coaching program and you will get clear personal goals with the strategy to achieve them.

Yes, the most important thing for success is being able to maintain it program. That's why I want you to eat with your family.

No, the aim of the program is to give you an athletic look. Don't let you crash into an anorexic look. The goal is to keep eating as much as possible while your fat mass disappears

I will give you feedback on your body type and how you can improve it yourself. This program is an educational fitness program with the goal of giving you GUARANTEED results whilst teaching you how to maintain them for the rest of your life.

Yes of course this can be factored into your plan, when you sign up you are also given over 30 guides to eating out in specific big name restaurants

Yes, the schedules are adapted to your lifestyle. Day and night shifts do not have to have an adverse effect on the result, of course this is taken into account when drawing up the schedules.

Yes, separate strategies are being applied for these trips that will allow you to enjoy your vacations and still make progress.

Yes, the coaching is based on macronutrients. This means you are not obliged to eat one product. This makes it possible to eat 'normal' food and still get results.

Yes, the coaching way allows you to keep eating as you always did in moderation and still get results.

"I Don't Know All Exercises By Name, How Do I Solve That?"

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